Three Hopi Elders share prophecy of the End Times – June 15, 1998

Robert Ghost Wolf

On June 15, 1998, three anonymous Hopi Elders (grandfathers) appeared as guests on the Art Bell “Coast To Coast” AM radio show.  Robert “Ghost Wolf” (Metis) coordinated the interview.

This is a unique episode, featuring the warnings of the Hopi elders, who came out to warn the rest of the Human race of the changes coming. The Hopi warned us of everything coming at us and that the insanity we are now witnessing is what these men and woman told us was coming in 1998.

Guest: Robert Ghost Wolf.

This interview is a GOOD thing to listen to. Despite the dire sounding nature of it all, recognize that the Hopi shared with us their knowledge of things to come. They make FAR more sense than anyone else speaking from positions of power in the world today!

I will feature other interviews here on this site to point people to relevant Spiritual and paranormal truths that make sense in these strange times we are living in.

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The video above is included, posted in the early part of 2022. It’s message is even more direct, aimed towards all cultures and races by the Hopi regarding the things that have been aimed at Humanity by the dark minds of our race who seek to hurt us all. I hope many will listen and share it’s message.

Hopi Prophecies Explained (portion of article from this site*)

Note: Prophecies are road maps, with the intention of showing us what the future will look like if we don’t change our present behaviors & attitudes.

The following are highlights taken from the Coast To Coast AM interview:

As the interview began, Grandfather #1 told Art Bell, “It is our time to bring forth the message into the world.  It has been taught to us by our elders, from way back.  That is why I have chosen to step forward and bring out the message today.  There are people out there who are leading two lives, who are there to stop us from putting forth the message, but it is the elders that taught us the wisdom, that are telling us to do this now for you and the rest of the world.”

Grandfather #2 (75 years old) disclosed, “Through the elder’s teachings & wishes, the elders wanted to let this become public at a time when we were close to the End Times.  So, I have decided to take this upon myself to let go of these things, in hopes that there would be a number of people that would understand & realize what is going on and start praying.  We are very close to it and we are, right now, going through hard times.”

In regards to Earth Changes, Grandfather #2, announced, “It is time for the End Times that was prophesized and through the dreams that were given to us also.  Through those dreams, we are learning that we are getting very close to the End Times.”

He went on to say, “The Earth Changes will take place in such a way, you know, that this whole planet, here, will become a different type of planet because of the changes in itself.  It has happened before, we went through these changes and we were taught that we weren’t supposed to go back to the same routine that we had gone through in the past life.  The corruption we went through in the past is the same as what we are going through today.  There is so much corruption, out there.  These are the things that lead us to the Earth Changes.

Art Bell asked Grandfather #2 whether prayer or becoming spiritual in nature will stop the Earth Changes.  He replied, “It is not a matter of quick change.  If you wanted to change now and turn your life around with prayers, it will help a little with the alleviation of much terrible outcomes of cataclysms.  There is a lot in store for all of us and the intensity of this will be a lot less if we can all settle down and behave, and not be involved with the corruption.

Grandfather #2 talked about prophecies that are on the horizon.  “We are going to come upon World War III, it’s coming, and starvation is definitely a part of this thing. The weather change, it’s erratic now, and it’s not what it should be.  This weather climate, itself, it’s actually taking care of the crops already in a way that we’re losing it.  That’s part of what’s leading us into starvation because the crops will not produce.

Art Bell asked when the prophecies where predicted to manifest.  Grandfather #2 answered, “Well, it’s been said that there is no exact time & date for these things to take place but the year 2000 is a close approximation of the time that all of this will start to take place.  The teaching from the elders was that they talked about everything happening at once, but it will happen like a domino effect.”

Grandfather#2 went on to say, “It has been known that this had happened a long time ago, but in our prior world, it happened before, you know, the same things that we had gone through.  According to the teachings, we were not supposed to follow in the same pattern and were to keep ourselves from going astray from our teachings.  These weather patterns that we talked about, and cataclysms that take place, are not really set in order, but all the signs are out there.  Anyone can see that it is taking place and it’s only going to get bigger.

Spreading the messages of Hopi prophecies & teachings has been difficult.  Grandfather #2 elaborated, “The children don’t really believe in anything, even what we’re trying to teach them.  They look at you but they have a different opinion about these things and they don’t believe us.  It’s hard to try to teach the young ones and even grown-ups, the adults, are in the same situation.  Corruption took place in the school systems and all over.  Corruption of the mind has led to the way we are going.

Grandfather #1 chimed in.  “Even the children will go against their own parents.  These are the things that have been prophesized.  The children will start turning against their own parents, and that’s what’s happening, that’s what you’re seeing out there.

Art Bell asked, “Could this be happening to us, also, because we have reached a fantastic level of technology and have changed from spiritual to materialistic human beings, where our technological knowledge exceeds our spiritual wisdom?”

Grandfather #2 replied, “Yes.  That is happening in today’s world!  We are misleading ourselves.  We are walking away from the spiritual, leaving only the material side of things.  This is happening to the Hopi Nation as well.

Art Bell requested an explanation of what the Earth will be like after Purification is over.  Grandfather #2 had this to say, “Well, the outcome of this, after purifying time, the lifestyle will change, more or less.  Those people who have been working, you know, with the evil and the dark side are going to be eliminated.  Only those that are walking on the path of oneness and believing in oneness with a good heart, those are the ones that are going to continue.

Grandfather #2 went on to say, “Togetherness is what will come about!  We are going to come back to what was once before.  Like what Adam & Eve came upon in the Garden of Eden, where everything will be flourishing, even the flowers and the vegetation.  Everything will be back to normal.”

Art Bell relayed a question from the audience.  “Given that we are in the End Times and that there will be much turmoil, violence, death and destruction.  Is there anything that we, the living, can do to prepare our souls for the long path that we will all walk down after our physical lives end?

Grandfather #2 responded, “Our teachings that were given to us, we have strayed away from it.  So now, how are we supposed to alleviate many of the consequences that we have created?  It’s going to be too late for us to try to turn around and walk that spiritual path.

We were supposed to be on that path from way back.  We should have been changing ourselves quite a number of years back because it just doesn’t happen overnight, for a person to change, to walk a path, the chosen path.  Also, just overnight the Creator isn’t going to believe in you.  He has to look at you, you know, your heart is the thing that has to change and it’s not going to change overnight.  These are the things that are very hard for a person to change.  If you haven’t done it by now, it’s too late to start changing.

Interview Conclusion

At the close of the interview, Art Bell asked Ghost Wolf, “Grandfather seemed rather clear when he said that it is too late.  He said that quite clearly.  It is too late?  In other words, is it irreversible?”  Ghost Wolf replied, “Absolutely!  You can’t turn the path around, now, but perhaps what we can do is govern the way we walk down that path and the impact of what we hit.  As far as changing it and escaping it, there’s no escaping the eventuality, the realities that we’re going to be experiencing.

Ghost Wolf closed the interview by saying, “I would hope that the people & Indian Nations begin to realize the importance of coming back to their spirituality and the need of the Earth and the children for us to wake up and to open up our hearts, again.

* GRI does not agree at ALL with any globalist vision or propaganda. It is a rare occasion when we will use anything from globalist views, but this interview summary was spot on and a rare piece of bright light from the darkness of globalist views.