Team Members

Team Roster:

  • Jon Almada – Founder, Chaos Generator, Finder of Lost Stuff and Investigator.
  • Debby Wells – Researcher/Investigator
  • Brenda Orr – Medium and Light and Laughs Generator/Investigator
  • Scott Wise – Investigator and Miracle Working Specialist.
  • Cameraman – We do have an opening for a cameraman to video our team in action as a regular team member. This role also allows for investigator role duties as well.

You may well notice our sense of humor. We feel that this is a requirement for being a part of GRI. Humor and good spirits (pun intended) bring a lot to an investigation and are what keep a good team together.

We are open for guest investigators to join us on cases! And if you think you have the right stuff to be a team member, let us know!