Top Ten EVPS captured by GRI

These are some of the best EVPs we’ve ever captured. We have an extensive library of EVPs captured over a period of 7 years and will share more as cases come along and we gather more great evidence.

Each EVP link will have a story behind it to give you the inside skinny on what happened and how we picked it up!

So come with us, on a journey through the many cases  here at GRI.

On to the top ten! Number 10: Clarkesville Cemetery in El Dorado Hills, California

“Guilty – Going over the fence”

I investigated this site alone in November of 2008 and it was a beautiful little cemetery. The fence was flat on the ground when I arrived and I stepped over it and entered. It turns out a rather humorous spirit pronounced sentence on me for going in there! For that, I commend this man and thank him for watching over the souls of Clarkesville Cemetery.

Number 9: Miners Club Bar – Georgetown, California

“Burn Yankees”

This investigation in an old morgue from the Civil war days (and we still don’t understand the civil war connection here in California) netted a “Burn Yankees” statement. We think it’s a rebel or rebel supporter who probably didn’t like my fighter pilot jacket and considered me a Yankee. More power to him – We love these kind of EVPs!

Number 8: Spencer Civil War Rifle Reading


This investigation focused on a rare Spencer Civil war rifle that I was asked to investigate. I decided on an EVP session and managed to record the word “Averett”. It turns out “Averett” is the German root of the name “Everett” and is a common name in the Southern states. We think that this was the name of one of the owners of this rifle. There are three marks on the rifle, indicating potential kills made by the rifle. All in all, a unique EVP and it rates as number eight for 2008!

Number 7: Bayley House in Pilot Hill, California

“Help Me”

A woman pleads for help from our pre-investigation team in December of 2008. This was truly a tragic EVP, yet a clear catch and we are looking into the history and background of the site to see if we can learn more about who this lady is. Truly a great EVP and we’re going to see how we can help her.

Number 6: Wolfe Manor (Clovis Sanitarium) Clovis, California

“You I hate! Out!

Late November of 2008 saw me investigate the Clovis Sanitarium with members of TAPs and GHI. There were around 30 to 40 investigators and after people began to leave, I headed up to the second story and into Mary’s room. I ended up getting a very clear EVP yelling at me to get out. There is no doubt that Wolfe Manor is absolutely haunted! And I’m going back in 2009!

Number 5: Fair Play Cemetery, Fair Play, California

“Like Me”

This spirit responded to my happy question with “Like Me” – This was during a rain storm and the site had a number of unique EVPs recorded in only 8 minutes of work. We fully intend to return in 2009 to more formally investigate the site.

Number 4: Georgetown Hotel, Georgetown, California

I’m right, behind… Youuuuuuu”

This guy whispered into our recorder right there at the bar. It was a daytime investigation with two investigators doing pre-investigation visits to check the area out.? We got a number of hits here at the bar and were told of some events seen by the staff in the past. A very good EVP!

Number 3: U.S.S. Hornet, Alameda, California

Encounter with an apparition

This long EVP is a full-on encounter by two investigators in sick-bay over the course of about eight to ten minutes. At the end, a “Hello” is captured by my recorder, which was running on the bunk I had taken. Truly an amazing encounter and in the top three for 2008!

Number 2: St. George Hotel, Volcano, California

Back off! Back off! Get Out!

This EVP was recorded on the second floor, left side of the St. George Hotel. We recorded this, while feeling totally unwelcome in this room that had a little side-sitting room that gave us the willies just being in there. Now we know why! This is the number two EVP for 2008 and for good reason!

Number 1: Shingle Springs Cemetery, Shingle Springs, California

We do, Sweet Little Boy

William Madison Palmer, a distinguished rancher and pioneer who settled this area, responded to me in October of 2008 while I investigated the cemetery. Because of this high-quality EVP, I pressed on and I’ve also made what I feel, to be a real friend over there at this little pioneer cemetery. He’s my buddy, hero and an all around great guy. You can learn more about his life by looking for his name on Google and you’ll learn more about him!

Congratulations WIlliam! And thanks for helping me and being a great frriend. I’ve caught other EVPs from William since then and he’s truly one of the good spirits out there!