The apparition, or ghost, seen by a human being.


1. deviating from the natural order or usual method; abnormal.

2. odd irregular, or inconsistent.


1. A deviation from the natural order or usual method; abnormality.

2. Anything that is anomalous.


The disembodied soul or spirit that can be seen visually.


An apport us a is a solid object that seemingly appears from nowhere in the presence of a medium. Some apports are assembled from invisible material matter; others are teleported from another often-distant location. An asport is any object the spirits or the medium makes disappear or teleports to another location.

Atmospheric Apparition

Not actually a ghost or spirit, but instead a “visual imprint” of people and events that was left behind in the environment that continues to replay.


Any unconscious and spontaneous muscular movement caused by the spirits. Automatic writing is one form of automatism.

Cold Spot

This refers to an area that has a significant drop in temperature in comparison to the surrounding area. Significant usually being 10 or more degrees difference.

Collective Apparition

An unusual type of spirit sighting in which more than one person sees the same phenomena.


1:  The seat of life : soul

2:  A disembodied soul; esp. the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear in bodily form to living people

3 :  Spirit, demon

4 : A faint trace < a ~ of a smile>

5:  A false image in a photographic negative or on television screen.

This definition states a ghost as being a soul of a dead person. The related portion of the definition of a soul by Websters New Explorer Dictionary:

1: the immaterial essence of an individual life 2: the spiritual principle embodied in human beings or the universe 3: an active or essential part


1:  To visit often: Frequent

2:  To recur constantly and spontaneously to; also: to reappear continually in

3:  To visit or inhabit as a ghost

n. 1. a place habitually frequented 2 chiefly dial: Ghost


The repeated manifestation of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomena —-smells, sounds, tactile sensations and hallucinations — said to be caused by ghosts or spirits attached to a certain locale.


The manifestation or production of some physical object or person from the spirit world. The most difficult and impressive materialization is all (or even part of) a human spirit, especially if the ghosts face is recognizable.


Globed-shaped lights of energy caught on film usually during a haunting or other paranormal experience. Orbs are believed to represent the spirit of an individual that has died. They are made up of the life force that powered their body in life. They may vary in size, color, and density.

Dust, moisture, and lens flare are often mistaken for orbs.


Something that is beyond the range of normal human experience or scientific explanation.


One who sees (i.e., perceives) an apparition or ghost.


A non-human spirit entity. Although its name is based on the Greek roots meaning noisy spirit, the poltergeist is usually more malicious and destructive than ghosts of dead human beings. Traditional poltergeist are thumpings and bangings, levitating and moving objects, stone-throwing, and starting fires.

Repressed Psychokinetic Energy

A theoretical psychic force unconsciously produced by an individual while undergoing a physical or mental trauma.


1. A life giving force; also: the animating principal : soul

2 cap : Holy Spirit

3 : Specter, Ghost

4: Person

5 : Disposition, Mood

6: Vivacity, Ardor

7 : essential or real meaning : Intent

8: distilled alcoholic liquor

9: Loyalty < school~>


Something that exists or occurs through some means other than any known force in nature. As opposed to paranormal, the term supernatural often connotes divine or demonic intervention.


A kind of paranormal transportation in which an object is moved from one distinct location to another, often through a solid object such as a wall.