2018 Cases

We are scheduling our first 2018 gathering to go over the selected cases for this year. As many of you know, we do not often do investigations for clients, but instead concentrate our efforts on visiting historical sites, unusual haunts and cases which have achieved attention that we might be able to shed new light on, such as accident cases, missing persons, unusual paranormal sightings and more.

We are also scheduling training missions and will post these soon for interested parties to join if they wish to see us in action.

Without getting into too much detail, we are going to be testing new types of gear and taking our skill sets as a team to places we’ve never been. Our goal this year is to develop new technical and procedural capabilities to bring to our investigative suite.

Our cases will thus be pushed into new areas that we feel will push the boundaries of the technology we use and will see us in environments that you normally wouldn’t expect investigations to be done in.

We will soon post a schedule of our public cases and also summaries and case reports plus evidence collected as the year progresses. Get ready for a fun 2018 season! And Happy New Year!