About Ghost Rider Investigations

About Ghost Rider InvestigationsAbout Ghost Rider Investigations

GRI is a volunteer organization of like-minded individual based out of the Shingle Springs area in Northern California. We are a scientific research and field investigative team conducting monthly expeditions to check out haunted locations around Northern California and Western Nevada.

Membership and Investigation

We do not charge for membership or profit in any way from our activities. What we do is for love of the subject and we pay out of our own pockets to investigate and maintain this site and it’s presence.

We use a wide-range of technologies to investigate cases and follow a TAPS-Style skepticism of paranormal claims while investigating private sites. Ours is not dedicated to “show” or “stand-out” claims. We are a quiet team with primary interest in the science and yet, we are very open-minded to the spiritual side of this subject.

We approach our cases with an open mind and seek to weed out cases where the phenomena are explainable from the real and true paranormal events that take place out in the real world.

For clients who need help and a team to assist them, we do NOT charge for helping. We also do not charge for people to go on hunts. We choose sites that do not require this (save for the occasional site that we have to pay to get into!).

Many of the cases we work upon are publicly known sites or publicly accessible. We look at historical sites and do many outdoor investigations or investigate older structures and buildings dating back to the gold rush era. We do occasionally investigate private residences, but only when the client approves in writing and clears the team to investigate.

For private investigations, we limit teams to small groups, effective for this sort of case and use our diverse scientific, professional and life-experiences to help find the truth. Only when evidence does not find explanation in the scientific realm and passes muster with a paranormal explanation do we declare the site to be paranormally active. And we agree with TAPS. Declaring a site to be haunted will require extreme evidence. To do so, it will need extraordinary amounts of evidence and personal experiences by our team members.

We’ve worked hard to build a state of the art toolkit and are always interested in what other groups are doing and exchange data and techniques in order to grow and learn. We don’t know it all and we readily admit it!

Oh… One last thing. We’ve got a great sense of humor and we’ve injected it throughout the site! Look around, enjoy and suggest your own funny videos and material for us. Most of the investigations find mundane causes, so we often use humor afterwards to poke fun at ourselves and keep things light and interesting!

Jon and the rest of the team here at GRI!