Signs of a Haunting

Signs of a HauntingSigns of a Haunting

Some Signs That You May Be Experiencing a Haunting

So you think you’ve seen signs of a haunting? There are some ways to tell if you may be experiencing a haunting. We would like to provide you with a few explanations but please keep in mind that not every bump in the night or blinking light is caused by a ghost. You should try and rule out the logical for what you are experiencing before calling your local paranormal investigators. Once you?ve ruled out the logical, it may be time to contact us.

Unexplained sounds
Scratches, knocks, the sound of footsteps, dropping objects, rapping (and not the musical kind). These sounds can be very loud or almost unperceivable.

Cabinets or doors opening and closing
Rarely seen with the naked eye, one hears a door opening and closing or may find a door wide open when entering a room. Also, furniture may be found moved from its original location.

Lights turning off and on
This is also seldom seen with the naked eye but the experiencer will find a light on or off when they know it was not left that way.

Things disappearing then reappearing
You go for your glasses and they?re not on the night table where you left them. You look everywhere but they are not to be found. A few hours later you enter the kitchen and behold, they?re on the counter. Or you enter the bedroom and they are now on the night table. No one took them but somehow they have been moved or “borrowed”.

Unusual shadows
Brief glimpses of dark shadows or shapes, usually noticed out of the corner of the eye. They are referred to as “shadow people”. They may have no form or resemble that of a person.

Odd animal behavior
Your pet acts strangely. A cat may seem to watch something at the end of the hall or a dog may whimper or bark at the corner of a room. They may also refuse to enter a room. They are known to have psychic abilities which would explain their actions.

Feeling as if you?re being watched
A normal feeling but it could have a paranormal source if it happens at the same time or in the same location.

Psychokinetic phenomena
This is when you actually see that door open or light go on or off. Perhaps your television changes channels on its own.You may feel something sit on the sofa next to you.

Feeling as if you?re being touched
You may feel something brush past you or tug on your hair. You may feel your clothing being pulled or a hand on your arm.

Whispers, cries and voices
You may hear the muffled sound of a voice or crying from another room. You may also hear it next to you, even in your ear. You may be in the bathroom when you hear a voice calling to you when no one else is home. If someone else hears it,it becomes more credible.

Hot or cold spots
A classic haunting symptom, cold spots may be accompanied by drastic changes in temperature or strange feelings in the room.

Unusual smells
The smell of cigarettes or cigars when there are none. Unusual perfume or food smells that have no source. This phenomena comes and goes and may be accompanied by shadows, voices or psychokinetic phenomena.

Physical manifestation of an entity or spirit. This is very rare but can take many forms: transparent human forms that disappear, mists that take form as a human or other shape and human forms that look like live human beings but vanish while being viewed or disappear into another room.

Moving objects
Pictures moving or flying off walls, cutlery sliding across the table, furniture moving.

Physical assault
Shoving, slapping or scratches. Please keep in mind that this phenomena is extremely rare and unusual.