The Legend of the BatSquatch and his other bat-winged relatives

Mt St Helens fuming some years after the 1980 eruption – Photo by Greg Willis from Denver, CO, usa, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Disasters and flying bat-winged humanoids are one of those things that seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. I will share one such instance of a flying creature that I ran into while investigating the paranormal aspects of the Mount St. Helens volcanic disaster of May 18, 1980.

I remember watching, while in my early 20s, as the emergency announcement came across the television and we watched in disbelief at the news as the volcano had thundered into action, destroying the surrounding region in a blast so horrific that it’s echoes still are etched vividly in the minds of the survivors.

The aerial footage of the massive floods and lonely images of wrecked cars that sat motionless in fields of ash were sobering reminders of life and death struggles that transpired in the minutes and hours after the volcano self-destructed.

My grandfather, who lived in the region, was, unbeknownst to us, camped some twenty miles from the volcano. He witnessed the disaster unfold with disbelieving eyes as the mountain literally exploded and blasted sideways with a force of ten megatons of TNT, leveling the area and leaving few landmarks that people who had grown up there could recognize. His story, delivered to us some weeks later when he came to visit, had us wide-eyed around the dinner table. A small jar of ash he handed to each of us as a souvenir of the experience was something I treasured for many years.

A sample of Mt. St. Helens Helenite – Photo by James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Some enterprising souls even managed to turn some cash out of creating a new gemstone from the ash, calling it “Helenite.” It was green in color and was an extremely beautiful stone. It is strange how such beauty can arise out of the devastation of such events. But other things would arise from the ashes of Mount St. Helens, and they would not be beautiful, but terrifying.

Twenty-five years after the disaster, I flew in a United Airlines flight over the devastated region as the pilot slightly banked the plane to give us a view of the apalling carnage below. What I saw from the aircraft was pure devastation on a scale that can only be appreciated from a 25,000 foot view like I was now experiencing.

The sight of the ruined volcano was stunning. It still looked as if it had just happened. I was awestruck at the power of the blast. It looked as if a giant had scooped a large section of the volcano away, flinging it to the north in an act of utter barbarity. As we flew on, I wondered exactly where my grandfather had been when it happened. I recalled having been in Alaska, in the Cook inlet area, where I saw evidence of the 1964 9.2 magnitude earthquake that had sunk portions of the inlet by fifteen feet in mere minutes. The evidence of it’s wrath looked as fresh as if it had just happened some 28 years later, leaving me awestruck at the sheer violence that this planet is capable of dealing out to the environment and any hapless human beings caught up in it’s wake.

A fanciful representation of a BatSquatch. Image titled “Batsquatch (Lives)” – CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Stories would however, later emerge of strange happenings near Mount St. Helens and the surrounding region of the Cascadia volcanoes. Stories of odd creatures and strange encounters with humans witnessing creatures with blood red eyes and giant wings. Stories that would capture the imagination, making the blood run cold and igniting the angry denials of skeptics whose only purpose in life is to downplay all that is unusual and mystical in this world.

Returning to my grandfather’s experience, I remember he said he was camped in his trailer at a site not far from the I-5 freeway, having stopped to fish at a site he liked in the area of Mount St. Helens. He had intended to get closer to the volcano to try to see the volcano more closely, but after the events of May 18th, he beat it for his home to the north in Port Hadlock to escape the ash, depending on the gentle sea breezes off the Pacific to keep his home free of the choking ash clouds.

It was a little ironic that Grandpa would witness such devastation in person, having been born on the very day that Mount Lassen exploded into serious eruptive activity in Mid-May of 1915. Barely 30 miles from the volcano, in the town of Magalia, near Paradise, that volcano had lobbed lava bombs to the north and east, giving him his nickname of “Stormy” that everyone called him throughout his life. Lassen awaits its next eruption, much like Mount Shasta, whose eruption is far overdue as of this writing. When it goes, much of the North of California, Oregon and Idaho will feel the effects of it’s wrath.

My jetliner flew on and I completed my corporate mission in Redmond for my aerospace job and I returned home within a week. On the way back, I was able to see the volcano from the air once again. It was getting towards evening as we passed over the hulking ruin of the volcano. The late spring light was perfect and the volcano was graced in orange, brown and green colors, mixed with grays of the rock and ash deposits. A surreal sight for sure. I have always vowed to see in person and which I intend to do before I shuffle this mortal coil. I simply must see this spectacle for myself.

Satellite view of Mount St. Helens. Note the shape of Spirit Lake now. It somewhat resembles the bat-winged BatSquatch! Photo courtesy of Google.

The satellite photo above does not do justice to seeing such a sight with human eyes. But the higher view does show the north-facing lateral blast that killed 57 people and injured hundreds more. But few pause to remember the wildlife that was also killed in the blast, with countless deer, small mammals, birds, fish, and many more creatures and plants that were lost that fateful day.

Stories emerged of Sasquatch bodies being found in great numbers in the immediate region of the blast. Credible stories of helicopters bringing the bodies of the creatures, under great secrecy, to burial and cremation areas to get rid of the evidence, and of some surviving creatures working with human beings to come together and seek medical treatment. We will cover this in a future story, but it must be said that the U.S. government knows full well that Sasquatch do exist, and their attempts to hide the truth have become laughable in light of so many well documented encounters.

One wonders if governments are even CAPABLE of telling the truth about paranormal subjects since lying seems to come so naturally to them. The good news is that the public is fully capable of seeing through all of these deceptions and decide for themselves what is real without being told what to believe by the Media and uninformed power-trippers in government positions.

The BatSquatch Sighting In Washington State – 1994

The Batsquatch as described by witness Brian Canfield. Photo from the Tacoma News Tribune, April 24, 1994.

While Helenite was a safe and beautiful product of the disaster, a much more terrifying experience and creature arose from the aftermath of Mount St. Helen’s fury, with many people experiencing encounters with a Mothman-like creature dubbed “The BatSquatch.

The story arises in an area of Mount Ranier, within sight of the now devastated Mount St. Helens, with an 18-year old teen and a suddenly dead car on a lonely road. Not far from Lake Kaposin, Washington, near the foot of Mount Ranier, a young Brian Canfield found himself standing thirty feet from a nine foot tall humanoid. The creature stood looking at him, but made no moves to advance on him.

Brian’s car had inexplicably lost all power, leaving him to try to diagnose the issue at nine-thirty in the evening while on a lonely stretch of road near Mount Ranier. He stood in awe as the creature stood near his disabled vehicle, watching him. He had just begun to look at the engine after raising the hood, only to hear the creature nearby, and looked up to witness the unthinkable.

For years, rumors have circled that deep in the woods on Mount St. Helens lives the fabled Batsquatch. While there are many tales of Batsquatch, they are all a bit hazy on the details, which makes the truth such a juicy mystery. So what better way to honor the elusive legend than with a hazy IPA? Perfect for camping and potentially making a new friend. This juicy, cloudy IPA features intense tropical flavors and aroma.” — BatSquatch Beer website

It’s eyes were yellow and shaped like a piece of pie with pupils like a half-moon. The mouth was pretty big. White teeth. No fangs. The face was like a wolf.” he said in a newspaper interview.

The creature stood looking right into Brian’s eyes and stood for several minutes before flapping it’s wings and taking off in a great cloud of debris and wind, leaving a stunned teenager in it’s wake, flying off towards Mount Rainier.

In researching this article, I took note of the initial and well-written story by columinist/reporter C.R. Roberts and his even-handed handling of Brian Canfield’s sighting.

However, as is the norm with most paranormal stories in the news, I also found a variety of insulting letters to the editor of the newspaper by the usual cast of skeptics who have spent more time drinking beer and demanding the world adhere to their version of reality, complaining at length because the story was even printed in the first place. Most of these people claim to be science oriented “rational” people (by their often-quoted descriptions of themselves), but in all reality, they likely lack the qualifications or skills to do little more than pump gas or operate a cash register.

I have news for these beer-swilling skeptics. I have found the perfect ale for them. Seems that a company of enterprising and perfectly normal red-blooded Americans are there to help the skeptics overcome their fears of the abnormal, and to help them dull the pain of their pointless existences. There is, however, for those of us who report on such matters, cause for us occasionally enjoy such a “spirited” ale as well, and we would happily save the incredible art-work of these cans of brew for their intrinsic artistic and sentimental value!

Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without a little humor. But I do find it amazing when people angrily write letter to the editor, dissing sightings of unusual things, when they rarely step outside their own homes in the first place, and then demand that the newspapers protect their sensitive selves from exposure to anything that falls outside their narrow definition of reality.

Back to Brian’s story: His reporting of the creature was so genuine, that most believed him without question. It was his character that won the day, but he did endure some teasing after the incident. It is my hope that he did well in life. Few traces of his subsequent life exist to be researched. I believe Brian’s encounter with the creature is the first of a number of sightings of this creature in the area.

The unusual feature of the car electrical system failing precisely as the young man was driving alone is notable, and one is led to wonder if there was a cause-and-effect aspect to all of this, with the creature deliberately seeking out Brian for reasons known only to it. It is even stranger, that once the creature departed, Brian’s car immediately was able to start again, as if nothing had even been wrong with the car.

It is notable that the creature’s gaze held Brian in a sort of hypnotic trance. He did not panic when confronted with the creature, but experienced fear upon it’s leaving him. It cannot be denied that this sighting shares many features with UFO abduction experiences, and I wonder if Brian was the victim of an abduction. He has no recollection of the length of time of the experience, save for the terrific fear it instilled in him and we have only his estimation that this experience took only a few minutes.

It was standing there staring at me, like it was resting, like it didn’t know what to think. I was scared, it raised the hair on me. I didn’t feel threatened. I just felt out of place. It’s looking right at me like in a deep stare, like right through me. It’s standing perfectly still. It stood for—how long?—a few minutes. Several minutes. Then its fingers twitched and its wings began to unfold. Those wings were as wide as the road. It turned its head and looked back at me and started flapping its wings. A few minutes later the truck just started. I took off as fast as I could.” – Brian Canfield’s testimony.

Brian has since moved away, all these years later, and has been contacted to see if he wishes to talk about the incident. Brian referred all such queries to his mother, Sandra Canfield. She let the reporter know that Brian doesn’t like to talk about the Batsquatch and his experience with it.

The Batsquatch has had a number of other sightings, one being near Mount Shasta in 2009. A group of  hikers watched in disbelief as a giant creature sporting leathery wings estimated at 50 feet across flew out of a cave or crevice in the mountain. One of the eyewitnesses compared the creature seen to a super-sized flying fox, a type of bat.

Another such report emerged of a aircraft pilot who encountered the creature while flying near Mount Rainier.

In June of 2011 an anonymous person sporting the name Pheonix Tieraz (a pseudonym) was in his yard walking his dog. He went to pick up the dog when he saw something in the sky. He said the following:

I saw something flying the the sky. It had bat wings, blue fur and had a face similar to eyes glowing red. It was about 9 feet tall at the least, after I watched it just flew away.

No location is given for this sighting, and it is assumed to have been in the Pacific Northwest.

On April 14, 2014 at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, Ohio a group of students were in their second period Spanish class. They suddenly spotted a giant black mass zip by the window of the classroom at incredible speed. The people who witnessed the creature felt that the animal was about 9 feet tall with a twenty to thirty foot wingspan.

I checked for any records of this report and nothing turned up. The school that was mentioned, is indeed a real place, so this level of specificity is helpful. Likewise, the date is also helpful. As it was spring when this happened, one wonders at what the creature was doing. Like so many of these stories, they lack corroborative evidence to back them, but then again, given the way human beings respond to paranormal events, who would want to go through life with such a story following them around, unless well-prepared for the inevitable criticisms and skeptical attacks?

However, the Archbishop Hoban High School does indeed have other reports of strange activity going on. As reported by, a paranormal research team:

In the new art rooms, tutoring center and admissions office, reports of ghostly men in dark priest robes walking the halls are frequent. These new rooms are in a remodeled section that used to be the old Brothers dormitory. The mysterious figures are never seen anywhere other than this section. The men’s locker room is believed to be haunted by a boy who may have played basketball for the school. He was killed in a car accident in the late 1980s.”

So, something IS going on at this high school. Flying Batsquatches may be simply one of the more recent manifestations of a wider phenomenon going on at this high school. I only wish my old high school had been as interesting at this!

Returning to our Batsquatch sightings: Does the presence of this creature indicate that a more massive event is brewing in the Pacific Northwest, and that it’s sighting years after the terrible Mount St. Helens eruption indicates that a massive earthquake is on the way? It is hard to deny that these sightings are in the area of what will be the worst disaster in U.S. history, once the Cascadia earthquake fault unleashes what some believe will be a 9.0 or greater earthquake upon Washington and Oregon, with tsunamis that will devastate the west coast all the way to California and likely large portions of the far Eastern nations of the Pacific, as well as Hawaii and other Pacific nation islands.

A number of common elements of the Batsquatch have emerged from the combined sightings database:

  • The creature is a large humanoid life form.
  • It is, on average, approximately nine feet tall.
  • It has a massive torso.
  • The wings are immense dark colored and leathery spanning up 50 feet in some descriptions, but more often seen in the 20 to 30 foot range by witnesses.
  • It has piercing yellow eyes with slits for pupils, much like a house cat’s eyes.
  • It has blue-tinged fur covering portions of it’s body.
  • The mouth is full of razor-sharp teeth, with a wolf-like muzzle.

The animal, like many Sasquatch, seems possessed of psychic abilities along with other tricks up it’s sleeve:

  • Psychic abilities.
  • Telekinetic powers.
  • Electromagnetic abilities, allowing it to affect vehicles and electronic devices.
  • A hypnotic gaze indicating it can read minds.

We will certainly be on the lookout for more sightings of this hideous omen bearer. He is an omen, warning everyone to be prepared.

The Mothman Sightings of 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

I have always loved a good dose of humor with paranormal stories, but we must return to the real stories that have inspired the wonderful ales and the ire of home-bound skeptics whose sense of adventure remains permanently stunted from years of angry diatribes and denials while suffering from their own featureless existences.

A sighting of the mothman taken on November 13, 2003. Photographer unknown. Fair Use.

The sightings we will share are stone cold sober details that have no humor associated with them. What is described by witnesses of these creatures is of an entity that is as intimidating in it’s looks as it’s demeanor and hostility to witnesses of it’s existence.

At the minimum, many would consider these sightings to be fabrications, but it is strange how these sorts of sightings seem to occur before a tremendous terrible event or geophysical calamity.

A case in point is the Mothman encounters of 1966 that occurred in West Virginia immediately prior to the terrible collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967, killing 46 people.

The first sighting of the creature began with a strange incident at a cemetery. The story begins in the neighboring town of Clendenin, West Virginia, on November 12, 1966. Five gravediggers reported witnessing a “brown human being” flying over their heads and were sufficiently freaked out to report it.

Sketch by witnesses of the Mothman – Credit – Artist Gene Duplantier.

Three days later, on November 15, 1966, two young couples, Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette, from the Point Pleasant area detailed their encounter, reporting that a large creature, with 10-foot wings with eyes that “glowed red,” chased them while driving near an old and defunct military munitions site outside town.

Their description was of a flying being that was six to seven feet tall,  and a wingspan of ten feet. They all reported that the creature followed them and have no trouble in keeping up with their car as the driver gunned the car to one hundred miles per hour to escape their pursuer.

They later told police they saw a large grey creature whose eyes “glowed red” when illuminated by the car headlights. As they sought to escape it, the creature followed their car as they drove through “the TNT area”, a remote site of a former World War II munitions plant outside of town.

Their report of the creature spread like wildfire in the community. Later, other people reported similar sightings. A pair of volunteer firemen who saw it said it resembled a “large bird with red eyes“.

Point Pleasant News Article detailing the couples sighting of the Mothman – From the Point Pleasant Register, West Virginia. November 16th 1966.

The Mason County Sheriff George Johnson felt that the sightings were of an unusually large heron he termed a “shitepoke“. Another witness, Newell Partridge, told the Sheriff that when he aimed his flashlight at the creature during his sighting, its eyes glowed “like bicycle reflectors“. Partridge also described buzzing noises from his television set along with the disappearance of his German Shepherd dog and laid the blame for these events upon the creature.

A Sand hill crane – Photo by Joseph C Boone, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

A wildlife biologist, Robert L. Smith, from West Virginia University told reporters with a straight face that witness descriptions matched those of the Sandhill Crane, a large American bird nearly as tall as a man with a seven-foot wingspan featuring circles of reddish coloring around the eyes.

His ridiculous explanation was that the bird might have wandered out of its migration route, and was thus unknown to the local residents.

Of course, this explanation of the Mothman was patently absurd, and shows just how desperate government entities get when seeking to regain control over the herd of Humanity when faced with paranormal phenomena outside their control.

Never mind that the witnesses were describing night time encounters or a bat winged creature that looked nothing like a sand hill crane.

Enlarged image of the Mothman at the Silver Bridge. Photographer unknown. Fair Use.

Thus began what local newspapers would dub the “Mothman.” The sightings would continue throughout the following year. Witnesses of the creature describe it having left them with a deep sense of dread.

A number of local citizens experienced sightings of the creature near a vacant nuclear power plant outside Point Pleasant, feeling the entity was briefly calling this place “home.”

Some felt the Mothman to be an escaped creature of a government laboratory, part of a experimental research project gone awry. A supposition that might not be far from reality, given the realizations in 2022 of just how far off the mark biological research laboratories have gotten with creation of chimera viruses and unnatural combinations of DNA into forms that should haunt the minds of all who supposedly protect us from such abuses of scientific power and practice.

A 2002 movie, starring Richard Gere, accurately depicted the events of that year in the months preceding the event.

A book by author John Keel details the cases and witness testimony in further detail. Titled “The Mothman Prophecies,” it is a chilling read and well worth the time to take in on a stormy night alone. The phone call depicted above, to Keel by an entity named “Ingrid Cold” was a chilling conversation. It seems to have been some form of spiritual contact with the Other Side in a form of electronic voice phenomena that was remarkable and horrific all at the same time.

Silver Bridge Collapse memorial marker.
Photo: Richie Diesterheft / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

After the collapse of the Silver Bridge, the mothman sightings abruptly ceased, causing the town and author John Keel to wonder if the prior sightings had all been omens to warn of the impending disaster.

Clearly the creature had affected the local population, attracting local media and even national and international attention.

Was that what it had it all been about? Was the Mothman a warning of what would be coming at the people of Point Pleasant? This theme of impending disaster, or appearing in the months and years after a disaster was a theme of this creature’s appearance that many would comment on in later years.

The Freiburg Shrieker, Germany’s Mothman – 1978

Rewrite as needed and check facts:

On September 10th, 1978, workers at a coal mine in the factory town of Freiburg, Germany showed up for what they thought would be another banal day of working far underground. But what they saw standing between them and their wares was a nightmare darker then the deepest and most isolated shaft.

A black figure stood at the mouth of the mine’s entrance. From what the workers could see in the rationed early morning light, the form seemed to be wrapped in some sort of cloak or membrane. Perplexed, the miners decided to approach the enigma. But that’s when the real horror began.

Before the men could get close enough to inspect the shape, the cape unfurled. Revealing the body of a great winged creature. The monster then let out a shriek, which the employees would later describe as: “A sound like fifty people screaming” or: “A train in peril trying to break at the sight of a twisted rail”.

Needless to say, the workers backed off, recoiling in horror, and fled the open half shaft. At which time the creature or being refolded the wings, enveloping its frame and restoring its original posture, once again resembling a man in a cape or trench coat.

The men decided to let the mysterious menace make the next move. They waited for over an hour outside the mine, busying themselves with outdoor projects. Finally, at 8am, the workers were taken to the dirt by the seismic rumble of an underground explosion; an eruption which had certainly came from within the very mine into which they had intended to descend. They rushed towards the entrance to see what effect, if any, the combustion had had upon the anomaly which had so effectively impeded their work progress that sunrise. But they found only smoke belching from the throat of the mine where the thing had stood.

The Black Bird of Chernobyl – 1986

The Black Bird of Chernobyl. Fair Use.

In 1986, in the weeks immediately preceding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a creature that was eerily similar to the Mothman was repeatedly seen by locals and military officials, causing great alarm.

People had seen the hulking creature, staring at them with glowing red eyes and giant wings, creating great fear in those who witnessed the apparition. In the immediate hours before the disaster, it was seen once again and had terrified the workers who were convinced something awful was about to occur.

Called “The Black Bird of Chernobyl,” the creature caused no end of concern in the local government and reactor management teams.

In the weeks that led up to the explosion of the reactor on April 26, 1986, many stories emerged that athe supernatural creature was sighted in the sky over Chernobyl by many of the men who had been present in the control room of the Chernobyl reactor. These same men also claimed to have seen this terrifying creature just before the explosion.

The wrecked remains of the Chernobyl reactor – Image by Joker345, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Rumors swept through the ranks of Chernobyl employees, detailing the testimony of five employees who reported they had seen a very large black colored and headless creature directly singling them out. The apparition sported extremely large wings and had fire-engine colored red eyes.

On the day of the accident, a number of people reported seeing the creature flying around the smoke after the explosion. Some people in the nearby town of Pripyat also claimed to have seen the strange creature. The town of Pripyat was also affected and later evacuated because of the radiation dangers and remains a ghost town with many reports of paranormal phenomena to this very day.

The Chernobyl staff who survived the initial blast and fire claimed to have witnessed a large black, bird like creature, with a 20 foot wingspan. It flew with apparent ease  through the plumes of radioactive smoke pouring from the gutted reactor core. No normal creature of this Earth could survive such intense and deadly radiation! Many of these men who made these reports would later die of radiation sickness.

Many other Chernobyl employees shared similar stories, detailing their experiences of having had horrifying nightmares. Others described received threatening phone calls from their own military and intelligence services, ordering them to return to work for those who called in sick after seeing these creatures up close. The threats did not work. Employees continued to report their sightings to the Chernobyl management, and no one could make heads of tails of what it all meant.

One woman reported a close encounter with the creature near the parking lots in front of the reactor complex and ran screaming to the security offices, telling anyone who would listen, that she was approached by a giant, red-eyed creature that eventually rose into the air, flying away after her shrieks of terror disturbed it.

After the disaster, Soviet air force helicopter crews flew over the gutted ruins of the reactor, which threatened the entire planet with radioactive fallout. They dumped tons of sand to deprive the fires of oxygen while the boron would act as a nuclear mediator, inhibiting nuclear reactions and helping to gain control of the situation. In all, some 600 or more aircraft personnel who flew their helicopters over the exposed reactor were to die from their brave missions to face the object at which they now were locked in a bitter war with.

Sergeant Valeri Semenov was once such aircraft member, his job being to dump the sacks of boron and sand, blindly over the reactor as the helicopter he was in passed over the open core of the reactor below at an altitude the authorities hoped would keep the air crews safe. None of the crews believed the lies they were told and the metallic taste in their mouths were plenty of indication that they had received massive doses of radiation.

During one flight over the reactor, as Semenov prepared to dump boron and sand, the helicopter suddenly veered off, throwing Semenov into the bulkheads and angering him. He went forward to the cockpit to vent his anger when he was confronted with a seen right out the X-Files. Never mind that they were engaged in suicidal missions over an exposed nuclear reactor. The pilots pointed in mute horror at a black shape flying in front of the aircraft, dipping INTO the intensively radioactive plumes and then emerging again, only to fly right at the helicopters, including Semenov’s aircraft!

Some Soviet government lunatic tried to explain away the Black Bird as a Black Stork. The witnesses emphatically denied this explanation. Clearly, someone in the Soviet government was trying to take a page from the idiotic American government explanations of the Mothman sightings as a Sandhill Crane. The problem was that this black stork would have died instantly from it’s flights into the radioactive plume! Clearly, this was no ordinary creature that the air crews were dealing with!

Worse yet, witnesses on the ground saw this same creature as it attacked the air crews. Despite the Soviet government’s best efforts, they were unable to keep people from talking and the Black Bird assumed a legendary status.

Unfortunately, Semenov, like so many others, passed away from his radioactive exposure. All of these men and women who died as a result of Chernobyl were heroes. People to be venerated for fighting a war that few at the time realized was occurring until the world found out on April 28th of 1986.

A typical radiation dose for those workers, like Semenov who died within one month of the disaster averaged around 6 Sieverts. The normal lifetime exposure of radiation for someone on Earth is 0.0024-0.003 Sirverts of radiation. It is estimated that during the Chernobyl disaster over four hundred times more radioactive material was released than was released from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The region will be unsafe for humans to live in for over 20,000 years.

One chilling detail that emerged from the research I did was that the Russian military soon learned that ALL of the people who reported the Black Bird were dead in the months that happened after Chernobyl. By the end of 1986, the Black Bird had become legend, and a source of great concern to this in the halls of power. Clearly, something was operating outside of their controls and notions of normality. A fact that no government likes to have to face.

In hindsight, one could make the supposition that this creature had adjusted it’s strategy since the Point Pleasant bridge disaster in the U.S., having singled out the men and women who would be present at  the Chernobyl disaster to directly warn them of events to come. These people were being warned of their own personal doom.

Clearly, the sighting of such an cryptid is a warning of immediate doom that should be taken seriously. The fact that this creature is being seen in the Pacific Northwest should be taken with a note of seriousness by the locals.

One cannot expect local governments, state and federal leadership to take such warnings seriously. They are so caught up in their weird versions of reality that they pay little attention to paranormal warnings, rendering their actions and words on such subjects as being worse than useless.

Were they to pay attention to such warnings, they might act to prevent disaster altogether if they were to take such premonitions to heart. One can only hope this article changes some minds with future appearances of this apparition.

The First Reports of a Bat-Winged Creature in 1908

Aftermath of the Tunguska event. Trees blown down in parallel from the blast, in a manner similar to that of the Mount St. Helens blast 72 years later – Soviet Academy of Science, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The creature has been reported world-wide since 1908, always having the same general features and appearance, along with unusual psychic powers and electrical disturbances that accompany it when sighted.

USSR postage stamp depicting the impact of the Tunguska meteor/comet in 1908 and Leonid Alekseyevich Kulik, Russian mineralogist – Post of USSR, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

In Russia, on July 11, 1908, the world famous explorer V.K. Arsenyev encountered a black-winged creature that he and his dog confronted near the Gobilli River. The creature stood, facing down the explorer and his dog until Arsenyev slowly reached down and collected a rock which he threw at the creature with all of his might. The creature unexpectedly took off in flight, flying parallel to the river.

Few have ever made the connection of this creature with the horrific events of June 30, 1908, when a large meteor or comet fragment impacted the earth in Tunguska, Siberia, some 1600 miles northeast of the Gobilli River.

When Arsenyev questioned the locals about the creature, whose tracks he had followed before encountering it, they all knew what he was talking about, claiming they had seen it too for some months. They called it the Letayuschiy Chelovek (‘flying man’). The creature disappeared shortly thereafter, remaining only in the journal of Arsenyev  and local legends.

Here we have yet another case of a black bat-winged humanoid appearing before a major geophysical and deadly event. Only 12 days before this sighting, a massive nuclear detonation had occurred in Siberia! The Tunguska meteor event was a 12 megaton nuclear event that blew down forests for miles in all directions, likely killing many locals who were never identified. Indeed, the location was so remote, it took twenty years for the USSR to get scientists into the region to assess the damage!

This creature has a real ability to get around, leaving evidence of it’s presence for all to see. It seems that it WANTS to be noticed which may be an indicator of it’s true mission.

Another Russian Sighting in the 1990s

In the 1990s, a similar creature was seen in the Eastern Russian city of Petropavlovsk. After moving into a new house in this city, a family named “Ivanitzky” discovered a strange beast under one of their beds, inside the house! The tried to dislodge this intruder by throwing slippers at it, which only seemed to cause it to grow larger in size. Ultimately, it grew to several times its original size while emitting chirping noises. The creature even shot out a tentacle-like trunk, which it used to attempt to wrap around their legs! They managed to overcome the beast with household cleaners sprayed on it, rendering it unconscious.

When they rolled it out to examine it, they saw that that it somewhat resembled a dog, but differed with it having short bluish fur, two three-fingered paws, and a flattish humanoid face with very large eyes. It also possessed a tiny mouth without lips, and sported a triangular hole where there would have been a nose. The most striking feature of all was it’s strong bat-like wings, which were close five feet in diameter when stretched out. Carrying the now insensible creature outside, they dumped it’s body into a ditch, concerned they had killed an exotic species that was protected. When they checked later, the creature had gone, likely recovering after it’s ordeal at the other end of bleach and oven cleaner sprayed all over it!

Life isn’t simple for bat-winged creatures, and I fear they are getting a bad-rap for being messengers of doom. And who could blame it for seeking shelter in someone’s house in the Siberian weather?

In my research on this incident, I noted a number of disasters in Russia during this time frame of the early 1990s, but could tie none conclusively to the local area where this creature was reportedly seen. Was this a fluke, with one of these creatures merely caught in a moment of bad judgement on it’s part?

The fact that this creature invaded a home, and was apparently a juvenile does provide some interesting conjecture. And why had it chosen to rest under a bed? Clearly, there is more to this story, if true, then we are being told, but it is a curious feature that the city of Petropavlovsk is close to the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and many earthquake and volcanic events which take place in that region.

A magnitude 8 earthquake on October 5, 1994 caused a large amount of damage in the region, generating tsunamis, and killing ten people, with around 1500 people injured and 1,200 people homeless, but it is all but impossible to tie this event to the appearance of this Russian “Mothman.” Still, it is clear that this creature favors regions where large disasters are going to occur, with this creature appearing 800 or so miles from the disaster epicenter.

The Attacks of September 11, 2001

Snapshot, reportedly of the Mothman, taken on 9/11 just after the towers were destroyed. Photographer unknown. Fair Use.

The attacks of 9/11/2001 were horrific events that all of us who were alive at the time remember with great sadness. Our belief in the world was shaken on that day, but as we all now know, the underlying causes and lies behind that event have reached forward to the present day.

In the days leading up to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, a number of individuals reported sightings of a black winged creature flying close to the Twin Towers. Some people claimed that they could see the face of the creature, peering down at them through the smoke and debris of the now destroyed towers.

In the days following the attacks, rumors began to swirl that witnesses had reported seeing a large crane-like figure in the vicinity of the towers starting on September 7, 2001! This marked the official return of the Mothman to the United States since his last reported sighting in Point Pleasant!

Some witnesses reported that, during the attack, as the second plane hit, a creature was seen flying parallel to the aircraft before it struck. These same witnesses would later report being approached by the members legendary “Men In Black” with warnings to shut up about what they had seen.

Why these Men In Black do what they do remains a mysterious aspect of these and other sightings of anomalous events.

When confronted and with open refusals to cooperate with their threatening antics, these people often angrily leave and are not seen again. It is my feeling that this is the correct way to deal with Men in Black, refusing to give them the fear and respect they seem to crave.

The I-35 Bridge Collapse – 2007

On August 1, 2007, a catastrophic failure occurred during rush hour on the main span of the deck truss in the Interstate 35 west highway bridge. As the disaster unfolded, over a thousand feet of the deck truss collapsed. Around 450 feet of the main span fell into the river. There were 111 vehicles caught in the collapse.

The death toll was 13 people with 145 injured.

After the disaster, reports began to surface of the Mothman having been present near the bridge in early July, roughly a month prior to the collapse.

Returning to their usual lame explanations, skeptical commenters dismissed the creature as a large heron or crane that was the cause of the reported sightings. Evidently, there is a manual of lame explanations that governments and skeptical organizations consult to explain away sightings of the unknown? It must exist in some form, providing useful and utterly inane explanations to the supposedly uninformed public. Of course, most people are far smarter than the government realizes and they are not following many people in their explanations of these phenomena.

Mothman believers began to theorize that Mothman could possibly be a paranormal entity, rather than a cryptid. Could he have arrived to warn of the impending danger? Or was he present to prepare for the bridge’s collapse?

The Mothman was spotted at yet another bridge collapse in 2007. Eerily enough, the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, MN, was opened for traffic in 1967, the same year the Silver Bridge collapsed. Then on August 1, 2007, after a month of Mothman sightings, the I-35W Bridge collapsed during rush hour, taking the lives of 13 people with it and injuring 145 more. 

Reports of the Mothman began trickling in on June 27, 2007, preceding the collapse by a mere month. Many claimed to see the humanoid creature flapping its massive wings in the surrounding area and at the bridge itself. An Illinois woman witnessed the creepy cryptid while driving just outside of Stewartville, MN, on June 27, 2007, called paranormal radio show host George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, and described the creature as having “ a huge wing about the width of a Ford.”

The Fukishima Mothman – 2010

Marcus Pules, an American visiting Japan, was out with a friend near the Fukushima plant when suddenly they heard a loud whooshing sound and a terrible screeching. As they looked back towards the plant they saw a figure Pules described as:

large and black, from the distance I was at it looked to be sitting on top of one of the squared shape buildings. It sat there for about 5 seconds then it unfurled a large set of what I could only describe as large, black wings.

The creature took flight, circling the plant a few times before coming closer to them:

That’s when I noticed the two large red eyes. They seemed to glow from within and with a blood red hue. They were unblinking in the 3-4 seconds we saw them, we knew they were looking straight at us, we knew this creature knew we could see it and it made no attempt to disguise itself.

Pules describes an immense feeling of dread that washed over him, and the creature vanished as quickly as it had appeared. It wasn’t until Pules was back home in America, hearing the news on CNN about the devastation of the Japanese earthquake and the explosions at the very same nuclear power plant where he had witnessed the creature, that he realized he may have seen the infamous harbinger of disaster known as the Mothman.

The Chicago Mothman – 2019

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A truck driver who stopped at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on November 26, 2019, claimed he spotted a “person with wings” around 7 feet tall standing by a fence while he took a smoke break at about 6:30 p.m. He reported his sighting to UFO Clearinghouse, an online source for odd encounters that describes itself as “a portal for the truth.” According to the investigator who took the report, the truck driver said the creature had a wingspan of approximately 6 feet, and “looked like a demon or a goblin and was solid black.” 

The witness mentioned the creature may have had its back to him, and that it was walking “with a gait, like a bird.” He claimed it was “flapping its wings as it walked toward the large field that is by the [airport] runways and disappeared into the night.” 

The witness himself believed he was in the presence of a demon. When the investigator asked if he’d seen anything like it before, the truck driver detailed a similar experience as a child in Mexico where “a solid black-winged creature… was circling an open field” and “made a loud screeching noise before flying off into the surrounding forest,” similarly to the experiences of those who claim to have encountered the Mothman. 

The Covid Plandemic and the Mothman – Ongoing

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Conclusions, and Future Encounters with the Creature

La mort du fossoyeur (Death of the gravedigger) by Carlos Schwabe, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

What is going on with Batsquatch, Mothman and the Black Bird of Chernobyl? Are these one and the same creature, changing form and description slightly to fit the time and place of their sightings?

I cannot help but notice that all of these creatures share common details. Other than minor differences from case to case, they all share aspects of one classic spectrer of human history that many, including myself, have witnessed: The Spirit of Death himself!

The classic representation of this figure is of a bat-winged creature that appears when death is imminent. The picture at right is of a highly stylized artistic representation containing many of the elements of this creature’s appearance. It is striking how closely these elements match. The painting, called “Death of the Gravedigger” illustrates the emotion and turmoil this creature’s appearance causes in those who witness it.

In 2012, in the hours preceding my father’s death, I witnessed a 7 foot tall apparition of such a creature pass by my father’s hospital room in Placerville, California. At 1:00 AM, the creature glided by and I felt an incredibly cold chill pass through my body, causing my knees to give way and requiring a nurse to help me from the room due to my becoming so upset at it’s appearance. And I am an experienced paranormal investigator! I can only guess at the reactions of those who have witnessed such spectacles without having had benefit of understanding the paranormal.

Hours after I sighted it, my father passed after a difficult transition. It was only in hindsight that I realized it’s appearance had not been a punishment, but a kindness, releasing my father from years of torturous physical torment after his body had failed him.

Not to be feared, but revered? Of course, for those not ready to go, a frying pan is a useful tool for resisting the upcoming trip to the Other Side.

Are the apparitions of the creature seen in Point Pleasant, Washington State, and Chernobyl simply modified versions of this same spirit? I have come to believe that this is the case. We are witnessing visitations from Spirit to warn us and to give us the chance to react to minimize losses while having to bend to the fact that Death is an inevitable part of life and that none of us escape His grasp in the end.

The appearances of this entity in the years, months and days preceding disasters is a warning sign from the Powers and Principalities above that we need to pay heed to what can happen, and not to depend on the useless hot air of authorities who try to reassure us these things do not exist and that they are the only voices of reason to pay attention to.

What To Do If You See the Batsquatch, Mothman, Black Bird or the Spirit of Death?

Were I a leader or influential member in a community where such an apparition begins appearing, I would act to place my police and fire department personnel on alert, with increased frequency of training and readiness exercises, to be doubly prepared for any unusual event. I would warn businesses to review their safety procedures and increase their inspection regimens to see if any unusual issues can be solved with simple attention to such details.

Such increased readiness actions in the face of such direct warnings from On-High can be couched in any number of ways to avoid the criticisms of small-minded critics whose lives revolve around predictable and limited views of reality. However, those who are spiritually aware, can take heed of such warnings and potentially save lives. And this is what my take of the Bat-creatures we are seeing revolves around. In NONE of these cases, have any of these creatures done anything more threatening than to scare the daylights out of people. And that seems to be the mission of the creatures.

What are they then? Some form of an actualized angelic presence that does not represent “life” as we know it, but a temporary physical form held in place by forces from On-High to affect us here on Earth? I now believe them to be Spiritual creatures, not bound by physical laws as we experience in our reality, but as beings able to interact with us in enough presence for us to react to them as being “real” and substantial creatures.

It is my estimation that the Point Pleasant disaster, in particular, scared enough of the locals that the death toll was reduced by the actions of this creature keeping people at home and away from the bridge that the creature most certainly knew would collapse. Again, it’s actions, while scary, might be interpreted as the ultimate act of kindness, as a direct manifestation of God’s presence on Earth, warning those who would take heed.

It is up to people to not wait for their governments to take heed of such warnings, and to react on their own to take these warnings seriously, acting on their own initiative to take the message to heart and ignoring the skeptics. If we, as a species, finally recognize that this creature for what it is, we may well profit from it’s appearances and help it to complete it’s missions successfully while minimizing disaster here on Earth.

I will leave you with this video, detailing the Mothman in a somewhat more positive light, perhaps revealing some lesser-known beneficial aspect to this strange creature in our own imaginations.

Carry on Mothman, BatSquatch and Russian Black Bird! Whatever you are, we finally have gotten the message as to what you are and why you appear. Next time we will be ready to heed your warning!



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