Big Circle 04-21-22

Cathie Bradshaw

First recording session for Big Circle.

I used a Sony digital recorder model PX370. Recording went for 6min 50 seconds.

Three of the EVPs were interesting. One had a message forwards and then reversed so in reality, there were two EVPs captured.

The two names in the first two below are meaningful to me. My friend Cathie Bradshaw who has passed is someone who has been on my mind. It is interesting to hear the name on this recording. Reversed, the recording says “We hear Jenny” and that is someone I know as well. Very interesting results.

The final EVP is weird – “Teasing me” – I have no idea of what this means. It was not a response to the questions I was posing… Very strange.

6min47sec Forward  – Cathie’s Grinning

6min47sec Reversed – We hear Jenny

4min10sec Teasing me