2021 and new directions for GRI….

I have been away from Paranormal work for quite some time. Family illness and issues have been the main problem and things, for now, are stable enough I can peek my head out to look at where we go next with GRI.

A big development has been the return to broadcasting with SoulStreamRadio, now hosted on Twitch. We are broadcasting, for the time being, weekly on Saturdays at 9 to 11 PM Pacific time / 12 – 2 AM Eastern (Sunday morning on the eastern time zone).  Our plan is to eventually reach a 4-day per week broadcast schedule. We will be having guests from around the the United States and elsewhere on the program and be taking callers on-air.

The show is Paranormally themed and is going to be a lot of fun for both myself and the audience.

We will likely return to local investigations with GRI and feature some of our work on SoulStreamRadio. It takes time and effort to run a Paranormal team, so we have our work cut out for us.

More to come as things develop.