Investigating underwater wrecks, EVPs and new technology…

The Edmund Fitzgerald – Greenmars [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
I recently came across mention of the 728 foot long Edmund Fitzgerald, a huge freighter ship that sank on November 10, 1975 in the largest storm ever seen on Lake Superior. The ship had twenty nine men aboard and all lost their lives when the ship suddenly experienced a catastrophic failure (likely from taking on too much water in extremely high seas) that took her under and split the ship into two pieces and left only floating debris and an oil slick as the only evidence of the accident.

In 2012, the first body of a crewman was unexpectedly found by an expedition that used submersibles to explore the wreck. The body was found outside of the ship and evoked great emotion on the part of those who found it as well as the surviving family members of the Edmund Fitzgerald crew members. It was a sad reminder of how quickly these men perished and how Nature and Spirit will remind us of such tragedies with reminders years after the event has occurred.

The discovery of this man’s body, so many years after he passed, got me to thinking if these sorts of wrecks are haunted and can provide clues as to their passing with EVP investigations of them.

I have long held to my own theory that EVPs may offer insight into accidents, criminal acts and unexplained passing or disappearances of people. I believe that this should be an area that we focus investigative work to try to give clues and insights into such cases that otherwise would NOT be solved.

I’ve seen evidence of EVPs showing up in all manner of television and YouTube videos with the people filming the clips never realizing what they captured and I suspect that spirits would gravitate to and communicate with this side to a recorder or video lowered into the site of their passing.

The question is thus: Will they record to a microphone at depth or to a recorder lowered to the sea floor? I want to test this theory with both a hydrophone and a sealed enclosure to send down a recorder to see what we get.

In 2018 I would like to find an underwater wreck to investigate somewhere in my travel area  to test this theory. The idea is to lower a sealed microphone (hydrophone) or EVP recorder to the bottom to record EVPs at an actual wreck to see what we get. My expectation is that we WILL get EVPs and lots of them. The key is to send equipment into places where paranormal researchers could never go safely and using low-cost electronics adapted to those environments to get the evidence for us. As such, I have a lot of equipment to be working on this winter to get ready for the Spring and Summer paranormal hunting season.

The question is now to find someone with a boat, ROV gear and the willingness to work with a paranormal team to try some new types of investigation work.

We’ve identified several sites of interest for this and a number of other missions for the 2018 season. More to come soon!


Before doing EVP or Investigations – first – Protect Yourself

You have that new EVP recorder and you are a fresh investigator, or… you’ve been away from the field for a bit, like myself, and want to start getting EVPs right away. You can dive right in and get yourself in the game, or… you can wait and learn the right techniques to protect yourself.

Paranormal investigation comes with inherent risks. And it is often because people didn’t bother to be discriminating in who or WHAT they were seeking contact with in the first place.

I had my own lesson in the form of investigating a famous location only the have our entire team, including myself, have not-so-nice entities follow us home. It took time to clear the field of these unwanted energies and to be honest, it was my own fault as team leader for not following my gut instinct to NOT investigate the place. I let another team member talk me into it and we paid the price.

So, first lesson: Trust your gut. You are your own best instrument for detecting negative energy and if you feel it before an investigation, DON’T GO. It’s that simple. I’ve had to do it a number of times and people would get upset and ask why and I would just say it isn’t a good place to visit. Stick to your decision and realize there is always someplace else you can investigate.

Next, if you decide to go to a site or to do EVPs at home or where-ever, run protection on yourself. There are TONS of good sites with great instructions on how to do this, so I won’t recreate this content here, but instead, here are several links to good resources, including a classic (and free) PDF book on the subject which is well worth reading by a very experienced and well known author who is, in my mind, a legend in this business:

In future investigations, I will be asking ALL of my team members to make sure they are in a good mood, that nothing bad has happened or that they are not ill or having any troubles before they go on an investigation. One of more of these is enough to cause problems if they do go, so keep this in mind.

Just remember… You are investigating forces  and creatures of other dimensional realities. And some are confused or have their own agendas that do not necessarily blend well with ours.

Think of it like going out on the street and trusting the first person you meet to guide you the right way. You might get lucky, but many times, you will meet someone who is not nice and who is out to take advantage of you.

The best plan is to choose WHOM you want to meet and go to a safe place to have your meeting, or to build up your energy field so that if you do go to a place that is not so nice, you have your energy at it’s highest levels and that you are protected no matter what you run into.  The links and information I have provided are good starters, but remember, you must practice these regularly!

I hope this is a good starter article for you and we will share more in the future!