Upcoming 2017/2018 season and news

Scouting Missions

We are going to be doing some hunts soon and I just returned from a scouting mission deep into the Sierra Nevadas at a spot we have had many strange encounters at over the past several years. I won’t get into the exact location, but it is sufficient to say that we will be doing more research into the exact history of this location.  I can say that it is extremely high in the Sierras and will soon be snowed in. Our first full time investigation will be sometime in Spring/Summer of 2018 because it will take that long to get in once the snow melts!


We are in the process of reviewing ALL of our old cases and will be doing Youtube videos of the cases we did from 2006 to 2013 and know for a fact there are a number of cases where we had unprocessed evidence. All of these cases will be put on our Youtube channel over the course of the coming year and I hope you enjoy what we present.

We also put a page up with references to our national exposure here on this site and our older “historical” GRI web site is now back up and running with all of our old case files accessible to this site for reference. Note that we have literally THOUSANDS of EVPs on file and the old site has only a small percentage of our total evidence captures.

Upcoming Investigations

We’ll be running an investigation soon and I’ll be in contact with old team members to see who wants to join in for a local case. More information soon.

If you want to join in on future investigations, please hit the Contact link to reach us!