GRI is back investigating…

GRI is back investigating and we’re looking to reassemble a team and get out and do some case work in the field.

If you feel you would like to join a team for an investigation, let us know and we’ll get a site selected and do some test missions to test your mettle.

If you need us to investigate a site, please contact us at the Facebook link on the right side of the screen and we will be in touch! — Jon

Our old site at is back online as of August and we will be using it for reference for old cases and evidence.

The Paranormal is nothing to be trifled with and it is best to walk carefully into it. We used to do multiple investigations a month and I no longer think that is a wise thing. An investigation takes a lot out of investigators and it is something that has to be planned out and the people who do the work need to be prepared and ready for anything.

I know one thing, I’ve had some really good experiences and more than my share of bad ones in this business, so the goal is to keep it light and have fun while doing something helpful for the Other Side. It is going to be something I will feel my way through.

Note – We did do something of a recent investigation with a trip into Nevada to examine an ancient site that had me experience a face to face encounter with an apparition for all of 1 or 2 seconds. What I saw was like half a person, split down the middle and it appeared to be an American Indian. I was NOT expecting to see such a thing as we were not investigating in the paranormal sense, but it really got my attention and I want to return to the site to do a night-time investigation with the full suite of gear to see what we capture.